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Have you decided how to buy not the most permitted substances and do not know where to go? Not sure if you can use ссылка на площадку safely? Don’t know how to get there?

On the Internet, drugs are sold on every corner. And in the clearnet, and in the darknet, and anywhere. And since we are talking about substances, the best place to buy them wholesale or retail is МЕГА площадка. The marketplace offers the largest assortment in the world, the best guarantors and the best hack protection system. You can buy anything from us, starting with banal heads and bumps, ending with such drugs that you would be afraid to even google. The administration is always happy to help you with any questions you may have.

The police, the mafia, rival sites – all this is also taken into account by us, and therefore, despite the fact that the site is constantly under attack, there is always the opportunity to go to the mirror. In addition to mirrors that allow you to enter the trading platform during an overly strong attack on the main address, there is also a bot that has all the necessary spare links that are carefully cataloged (search for “МЕГА ссылка” in Google and Yandex). The MEGA SHOP administration warns: clicking on unverified ссылка МЕГА даркнет is harmful to your well-being.

Площадка МЕГА даркнет official

Your security, anonymity and your success in shopping directly depends on the way you log into your account. If your login is too simple and guessable, and even a speed bump can crack your password, then what kind of reliability can we talk about? Do not be lazy, come up with a non-obvious combination of login and password and come up with new combinations when creating new accounts – the less accounts are similar to each other, the greater the chance that if they steal, then only one of them. The password must be at least twenty, and preferably thirty characters, including capital letters, numbers, and special characters. password1 is a bad password. Om9gUnderwater7Clown35 – the password is already much more secure. But not memorable enough – so a password like Zombie2015Pizza3749Lovecraft is already much better. Choose anything as your login except which can link the login to your identity. Your first name, your last name, your pet’s name, your Counter-Strike nickname, your date of birth – these are all things to avoid. For the ingenuity of today you tomorrow or tomorrow you will thank you very much.

Attackers continue to improve their methods, using psychology to get the account data they need. The most common and dangerous type of attack remains social engineering and phishing.

One of these methods is sending users a phishing page that copies the interfaces of official services. With its help, attackers intercept not only the login and password, but also the verification code if two-factor authentication was enabled. If the user himself enters his authorization data on phishing pages, the account falls into the hands of scammers.

Most frequently asked questions:

  • Why can’t I login to the marketplace?
  • What площадка MEGA маркетплейс mirrors are currently available?
  • How to understand that we have a real link?
  • What address of the сайт MEGA onion marketplace is relevant now?
  • How to access the marketplace using Tor Browser?
  • What is ссылка darkmarket anyway?
  • How to make your first purchase?

The площадка MEGA is online without interruption. You can make a purchase for any amount at any place and with any seller at night, during the day, in the evening, and in the morning, and on a normal day, and in the new year. To do this, you will need either a bank card (VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank) or a cell phone balance (MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or Beeline). You will also be pleased with fresh surfactants when buying using crypto-wallets, QIWI-wallet and YooMoney service.

Working ссылка-зеркало MEGA onion

The зеркало MEGA marketplace is not only about drugs and similar substances. The marketplace also supports its own exchange offices, where you can buy bitcoins with “real” money, with numerous users who can explain or suggest something to you. Sometimes the speed of access to the forum can be slow – this is due to the fact that thousands of new users register every day, and this is a serious load on the site.

It is very easy to order a DDoS attack on the Internet, so from time to time it may seem that the site of the trading platform is “frozen” and does not work. In this case, you can access the site using trusted mirrors.

Reviews MEGA даркнет

Each seller and currency exchanger has its own rating, list of opinions, as well as a thread on the forum where they can be discussed. The right exchanger is a guarantee of a high-quality, profitable and fast purchase!

If you didn’t manage to find the bag of magic powder you ordered at the specified coordinates, or if you don’t find it, but the scale readings are not at all what you paid for, then you can open a dispute in which you must provide a complete history of how the transaction you ended up not liking it. An in-depth knowledge of the site charter will be a plus and will help to achieve timely and full compensation.

Tor Browser is, in fact, the only anonymous web surfing browser you can rely on. And best of all, it’s completely free. You can help the authors with your donations, so the browser can become even faster, more convenient and safer.

How to find the ссылка-зеркало marketplace using the Tor Browser

All pages and materials of the marketplace are located on the shadow Internet, which means that they need a special approach. All this data is located in places protected from the naked eye – on .onion dark websites – thanks to the most advanced encryption methods and addresses from randomly selected characters, these sites are almost completely protected from hacking. To understand the degree of protection, imagine that you own all the computers in a large city. Even this number of computers is not enough to hack such pages in a year. And they lose relevance much earlier. You can find these addresses on the talk pages – they are available even if the main site is not available.

Adding a сайт MEGA onion зеркало to the list of bookmarks

Caution: Drug use is dangerous and injurious to your health!

Developed countries such as Canada, Spain and the Netherlands have been decriminalizing and leniency policies for the possession, sale, use, distribution and manufacture of certain types of psychoactive substances for more than a decade and have begun to allow more drugs. And in the CIS in general and in the Russian Federation in particular, the situation is deplorable, for almost anything you will be sent to prison. Therefore, you have to encrypt and go to the black market. The даркнет площадка is just the brightest representative of the black market.

What to do if you have a “miss” or any other trouble on the сайт даркнет? What to do if you’ve been hung up?

If no more than twelve hours have passed since the purchase, then you can still turn the situation in your favor. You will need to tell everything about the deal: the name of the store, addresses, photos, videos, and send it to technical support. You must provide a photo and video of the product being weighed on special accurate scales. Cultural and polite communication, as well as the constant presence of “online” (inactive for no more than one day in a row) is the key to a successful contact with support МЕГА площадка.

If your account is very recent, this may be the reason why your refund request was rejected. Considering every case of “cheating” is fundamentally impossible, so accounts with long tenure and an extensive shopping list have an increased priority.

The administration of the ссылка MEGA resource reserves the right to refuse to provide any assistance and support if you violate the rules of the resource in any way, be it spam, personal insults, obscene language or false testimony.

You can go to the website of the MEGA MARKET trading platform at any time and in any weather and buy yourself anything, be it XTC, MDMA, THC, 2C-B, 2C-I, nBOME, heroin, methadone, mephedrone, cones, crystals, powders, any kind of mushrooms, alpha, pyrovalerones, as well as LSD and any other substances. The developers of have made a very simple and convenient catalog in which you can quickly and easily find a solution to absolutely any drug issue. There is no shortage of treasures and good things on MEGA ссылка onion, “catching up” is a task of ultra-low complexity, especially if you live in the capital or any other large settlement (Leningrad, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Krasnodar). The marketplace operates 24/7 — you can make a purchase at any time convenient for you. You can place an order both from a personal computer, and from a tablet, cell phone or other device (iOS, Android – in Google, Yandex you can easily find the necessary applications for browsing in .onion networks). Tor Browser is completely free and easily found in Google search engines and DuckDuckGo.

How to buy a bookmark on the площадка МЕГА?

  1. We go to the official MEGA сайт or to a safe mirror (be sure to check that you went to the right site, and did not follow the first link that came across from the search engine results)
  2. We go through the registration process, come up with a bunch of login and password (both login МЕГА маркет and password should be easy and memorable for you, but by no means for hackers)
  3. We deposit funds to your wallet on the site (it’s hard to figure out where you should have money for you to have difficulty with this item)
  4. In the catalog we find the seller with the highest ratings and with the most suitable coordinates for you, select the product and click “buy”

Administrators and technical support agents of the MEGA площадка are always ready to help with any problem that arises. We are ready to give you addresses for both Tor browser and Google Chrome. We recommend using only .onion mirrors and Tor Browser, as only in this case you will be able to replenish your surfactant stocks with the maximum level of anonymity and security.

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  1. Здравствуйте, у меня на мега 20 покупок, веду активную переписку, задаю вопросы, а войти со вчера не могу пишет, что мол доступ на сайт только активным пользователям, а я активный, восстановите пожалуйста логин undergrunto44, я могу назвать и покупки и о чем в вопросах спрашиваю, убедительная просьба восстановите аккаунт. Я там насчёт прав договариваюсь с технопарком!

  2. Здравствуйте, я впервые на меге, и вообще раньше не заказывал, подскажите, сориентируйте пожалуйста. Меня интересует мелкий опт по почте или транспортной компанией, вообще пока не понимаю что к чему. Ссылка mega я так понимаю только официальная должна быть?

  3. Здравствуйте, я впервые на меге, и вообще раньше не заказывал, подскажите, сориентируйте пожалуйста. Меня интересует мелкий опт по почте или транспортной компанией, вообще пока не понимаю что к чему. Ссылка mega я так понимаю только официальная должна быть?

  4. Приветствую.
    В связи со стремительным ростом числа пользователей рассмотрение диспутов происходит чуть дольше обычного.
    Модератор подключается к диспуту автоматически в порядке очереди.
    Если Вы открыли диспут и требуется присутствие модератора, пожалуйста, ожидайте.
    Ваш диспут не останется без внимания.
    Пожалуйста, не закрывайте сделку раньше времени, если Вы не удовлетворены заказом.
    Не верьте на слово магазинам, предлагающим закрыть спор.
    Автозакрытие диспута на мега даркнет временно отключено, согласно пункту правил 1.4.

  5. Приветствую всех в этой ветке. Все, кто обратились в ЛС, ответ по Вашим запросам будет в течении двух часов.

    Если у Вас не прогружается капча на сайте МЕГА маркет, то не нужно ждать больше двух минут – меняйте мосты. Если ситуация повторяется, то еще раз меняете. Максимум – три-пять раз придется сменить. Убедитесь что Security Level в настройках Tor-browser на отметке Standart.

    Передам затянувшийся диспут на рассмотрение модераторам.

    Подключим, ясность внесем, не переживайте. Ожидайте пожалуйста.

  6. Написал , что ожидаю решения модератора мега даркнет?
    Как я понял, нужно написать чтоб по тегу модератор подключился.

  7. I thank the support team of the mega market website and the team of this forum for their competent work, service and care for their customers! Assistance was provided in full and after passing all the confirmations and evidence that I am the owner of the account to which I lost access. Clearly! And most importantly, no one tried to fuck me off and I see that the site works with clients!

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